Prep Pricing for your fba shipments

Receive, Check & Prep – usually within 48 hours of arrival with us.

FFS uk ecommerce consultancy and prep services for amazon, ebay and websitesHow does a prep centre work? Your box of stock comes into us Monday to Friday 9am until 6.30pm or Saturday mornings. It is carefully opened, stock removed, checked and prepped as per Amazon instructions on your shipping plan. You will be informed of any discrepancies from your plan and/or delivery notes.  Excess packaging will be disposed of and existing boxes reused, where possible or replaced for better optimisation of your 15kg weight. Your boxes will be a min of £4 to open, check, and ship plus any extras necessary as below, this will be waived if your fees are over £10.  Your rubbish will be disposed of and your boxes will be packed to hopefully get them in to your destination as fast and trouble-free as possible.  They will be booked on the courier and picked up from our premises for you. Any issues with missing items and damages will be notified as quickly as is practical.

  1.   £0.45 FNSKU labels printed and applied, items taped, if required (we always tape on lids). Labels are printed on a laser printer.
    If required…
  2. £0.10 – Bagging – small items up to 5.5 x 5.5 inches (11.4 x 11.4cm)
  3. £0.20 – Bagging up to 10 x 14 inches (25 x 35cm – you will also need an anti suffocation label which is included)
  4. £0.10 – Small bubble bag 10cm x 13.5cm
  5. £0.12 – Medium bubble bag 13cm x 18.5cm
  6. £0.15 – Medium size 2 bubble bag 18cm x 23.5cm
  7. £0.18 –  Large bubble bag – 28cm x 36cm
  8. £0.20 – Large size 2 – bubble bag – 38cm x 43cm
  9. £0.05 – Suffocation labelItems will be packed for optimum use of your 15kg UPS shipping costs and boxes sealed. You will be informed how many box labels you need and they will be printed on laser labels and added. UPS will be booked and your shipment will be collected from us to go to the relevant Amazon warehouse. Please check all items are received correctly and raise any claims for missing or damaged stock when you are allowed Amazon – usually 3 weeks at the moment.Other courier companies can be used and pick up from our offices if required.  These can be booked by yourselves or us. Prices are plus VAT at the prevailing rate, currently 20%. Payment is required before goods are released.