Being online there are myriad mistakes you are probably making.  Amazon has more traps, pits and basic mistakes you can easily make and get your account closed down than any other business you will ever come across.

From how to list to what to sell there is a journey of learning and that is before you get started…

You can spend a lot of time, money and energy on Amazon only to find you cannot even list the items you want to sell and when you do you fall fowl of a rule that will get you banned forever.

Mistakes to avoid on amazon

There are a whole host of regulations you need to be aware of – as well as an entire university to get to grips with.

The top mistakes you may be making… these include losing money, selling the wrong things, making too much money, not being able to sell items, wasting time and energy, not outsourcing, getting banned, losing sales, losing inventory, not optimising shipping and not making the maximum profit you can from your listings… this is on top of brand registry, optimising listings, using sponsored adverts and generally making your first sales….

And if after all that little lot you still want to get started we can give you some pointers for a more profitable way to make your business flourish and how to take the easy wins rather than make it very hard for yourself to make a profit.

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