Selling online can a nightmare… from what to sell to which platform works best.  Many clients over the years have come to us with requests for fancy e-commerce websites and equally as many have shared horror stories of costs involved.  By following a few simple guidelines you can create an amazing online business that is sustainable and won’t cost you a small mortgage to generate traffic.

Many businesses make one silly mistake that costs them a fortune, instead of making some money by cherry picking products that are already selling they look at items they like and forget about their customers…  isn’t it better to have money to spend and build than waste every penny you have taking risks?

What if you could see what sells in your niche, how many.. at what price? Actually, you can… if you know where to look and with a few key tools you can see how much it sells for in the biggest market place in the world, and if that isn’t a great market indicator for your e-commerce business I am not sure what is.

Every business can be a difficult world to navigate, by following a few simple strategies you can kick start your business, increase your sales and even learn how to concentrate on the lines that make you the most money. This works for bricks and mortar premises as well as home and office based businesses.

Here at FFS we even source top selling lines to help you get going, and can prep and ship or drop ship for your business no matter what budget you to sell more on amazon and e-commerce websites

Your online and rel world journey has many paths. What works for many may not work for you, but don’t lose heart, there are plenty of ways to make online sales, you may just have to explore some of the myriad e-commerce routes and try a few on for size. From Amazon to eBay and all manner of Websites, the most important pieces of the jigsaw are the customer and what they want to buy. Get that part right and you just need to match the products to the people and then get it to them.

If you would like to share the strategies that have generated over £1 million pounds for our own businesses and even more for our customers get in touch and see what we recommend for you. You can have a 30-minute consultancy session for free.

FFS wholesale, consultancy and prep services can help business from kitchen table to high street giant.
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